Dear Mr Arnab Kumar Ghosh,

Founder TAIT (The Ace Institute of Training),

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for our sincere appreciation for your service to us as one of the most popular training organisations among our students. Ever since we signed our contract, you have provided the highest quality of trainers with even better attention towards our students and their progress. All the classes well spell bounding for our students and we are hopeful the students will showcase their learning in the best possible manner during the forthcoming campus selection process.

We look forward to extending our contract with you for years to come, and hope you will continue to provide such excellent trainings to us. We could not have achieved our targets without your sincere efforts at all. Thank you for all the excellent trainers arranged by TAIT(The Ace Institute of Training) and we look forward to many more sessions like this with TAIT and Mr. Arnab K Ghosh.

Warm Regards,

Prof. Jeetendu Satapathy
Associate Director (Career Development Cell)
Dhaneshwar Rath Institute of Engineering & Management Studies(DRIEMS)
Tangi, Cuttack, Odisha.
Cell: + 91 9776227149